Work ON your business, not IN it

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If I was to sum of 2012 thus far, I would have to say that it is the year of the “tipping point”.  This is the year where our rental business has started to reach critical mass.  It seems I either get a phone call or email about one of our properties every other day .  Coupling that with my day job is starting make my day a little hectic.  This also affects how I manage the “make-ready” process once we purchase a new home.

In our last deal, we (my wife and I) definitely took on more than we needed to.  That being said, we did learn a few things from this deal and I’ve highlighted them on my latest post over at BiggerPockets.  If you haven’t had a chance, please stop by and leave a comment or just learn from my painful (literally) experience.

Side Note – I’ve just finished up a few high-quality posts.  Those should be on the blog in the next several days so STAY TUNED!


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  1. Leon says:

    Hey Arthur,

    Great post. Although you spent too much time on it and didn’t save much money, I am sure it got you a lot more experience in different areas of rehabbing and I’d say those experience would probably pay off in the future!

    I actually attended the BP Conference back in March but never got a chance to meet you. Definitely enjoyed your posts about how to better market the properties for rentals.

    • Arthur says:

      Hey Leon,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      The good news is that we are still making a nice little return, even with the back pain ;) Unfortunately, this is going to be an on-going lesson for me. I’ve always been one to take on too much. However, now that our rental business is starting to gain some serious momentum, creating systems and outsourcing becoming essential to continue growing.

      We’ll definitely have to connect at the next BP conference. Thanks for commenting on the blog. Please stay in touch.



  2. Leon says:

    Hey Arthur,

    Definitely agree with you that as your real estate business starts to get bigger creating systems is essential. I find that challenge also as I am growing my portfolio of rentals. How’s the market in LA right now? I am based out of Vegas by the way. It has been a good ride in 2011 but this year has definitely gotten more challenging!

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