Rental Property without the tenants: why I use a property manager

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A few weeks ago a reader from this blog approach me regarding real estate “coaching”.  After several email exchanges and a phone call, I agreed to work with him on acquiring his first two rental properties.  During our first session, this investor asked me how I was able to juggle a demanding job in corporate america, going on vacation every four weeks, and manage a very active investment portfolio, my response to him was simply. . . ” I don’t”.

He was shocked to hear this.  Needless to say, the next 2o minuets explaining a few of the systems I used to work with local management.  After I walked him through my reasoning, he realized that he didn’t have to handle the day-to-day operations to be a successful investor (I know that sounds obvious, but this is a huge hurdle for a lot of new investors).

It was this conversation that was the inspiration for my latest post over on BiggerPockets.  In this post I discuss how using local management has actually allowed me to increase my returns even though it adds cost to my bottom line.

If you are interested in how to find a property manager or how to best utilize their services, I think you’ll enjoy this article.  Please stop by and share your thoughts!

Stay tuned this week, Jason Co aka “the Real Estate Apprentice” will be giving us an update on his journey toward buying his first rental property (you can read his first post here).



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  1. I am little bit confused for regarding rental property manager. I also want a house in rent. So please explain this blog in detail and suggest some rental property managers.

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