Interview with BiggerPockets

If you haven’t had a chance, head over to to check out my interview.  During our conversation, I cover how I Arthur Garciainvest in Real Estate while holding a full time job!  The interview was a blast, hopefully you’ll find the content funny and thought provoking.  Please leave me a comment on the Blog page so Josh and Brandon have some feedback on the interview.

Also, in the next few days, I’ll be sharing about my latest two deals.

Here is the link:  BP Podcast with Arthur Garcia


In Today’s Podcast, We Cover:

  • How to invest when prices are too high in your area.
  • How to get started with “buy and hold” investing when you don’t have much money or time.
  • How to use use “cost to rebuild” to predict the future of your market.
  • Why Arthur and his wife sold their primary residence to live in an apartment while buying rental property.
  • The “super creative way” to find flexible lenders.
  • How to find “Portfolio loans.”
  • A great way to legally get around the “10 loan” limit for mortgages.
  • Why investing while holding a job gives you an advantage.
  • Tips for finding a great property manager.
  • The story of a topless 90 year old woman that finally convinced Arthur to hire a property manager.


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