How I manage and organize my real estate paperwork

On average, I probably read some sort of real estate- related book once a month.  These books vary from buying with no money down to asset protection.  However, one thing that no one ever writes about is how to manage all the paperwork/records involved with the real estate business.  I guess it isn’t as appeal as buying real estate with no money down or how to retire in three years, but for the average investor who is trying to systematize their business, organization is very important part of the business.

For my latest guest post on BiggerPockets, I decided to share how I manage records in my business.  I am sure there are better ways to keep track of everything, but if you are interest to see what this investor does, please check out the post HERE.

Stay tuned this week Part 2 of my latest series – Adapting to today’s market.  You can read the first post HERE.

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  1. Melisa says:

    Arthur another great post I always wondered how other RE Investors keep their records, thanks for sharing Arthur I’m glad my books are together.

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